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Who We Are?

The Subatomic Physics (GSC 19) Reallocation Steering Committee consists of:

Our mandate is to assist the subatomic physics community in preparing a 10-page submission to the NSERC Reallocation Committee for January 2002.

We encourage input from members of the community. Feel free to email the GSC19 Steering Committee with any comments or suggestions you may have.

Latest News

Town Hall Meetings

Announcement of Meetings

Two "Town Hall" meetings will be held in September to solicit community input into the Reallocation submission for GSC 19. We are inviting all members of the GSC 19 community to attend one of the two following meetings: We intend to distribute a point-form draft of what might be included in the submission by Wednesday, 12 September, and use that draft to focus our discussions. The goal of each meeting is to refine the key issues that would be addressed in our submission.

In order to properly plan for these two meetings, we request that you confirm your plans to attend one of these two meetings by sending email to Winnie Kam .

Draft Agenda for UBC/TRIUMF Meeting

Meeting will take place in Room 318 of the Henning Building on UBC campus (this is the home of the Physics Department). Two minivans will shuttle people from TRIUMF to UBC. People staying at TRIUMF House can walk over to Henning. We will have lunch at the Student Union Building.

Draft Submissions

Final Version of GSC 19 Submission

The final version of the Subatomic Physics submission is now available as
postscript , pdf , and as Word source .

Release of Version 1.2 of Draft Submission

The Steering Committee is releasing version 1.2 of the draft Reallocation Submission. It can be downloaded as postscript , pdf , and as latex source .

We thank all the members of the community that provided us with detailed comments. We have attempted to incorporate all the suggestions into this version. This draft is now of the appropriate length and is structured in close to the final form. Please review ALL aspects of the draft and send the Reallocation Steering Committee your comments by no later than Friday, 21 December.

As we noted in our earlier posting, the discussion regarding a possible theory institute has not resulted in a broadly-supported proposal that we believe is defensible in the current competition for resources. We encourage members of the theory community to continue the discussions that have started, with the goal of creating a detailed proposal that could possible receive support outside the Reallocation process.

As noted earlier, we would appreciate any comments by Friday, 21 December. Please send them to the whole committee.

We intend to release the final draft shortly before the new year.

Release of Version 1.0 of Draft Submission

The Steering Committee is releasing version 1.0 of the draft Reallocation Submission. It can be downloaded as postscript , pdf , and as latex source .

This draft now contains the specific proposals that we believe the community has identified as being the highest priority. Please review the material in Section 3 where we describe each proposal.

We note that we do not have a section on the proposal for a theory institute (see the notice about CITP on this web site). We have received quite a bit of feedback on this proposal from members of the theory community, and we are currently trying to understand what would be the appropriate response. Your feedback on the importance of CITP to your efforts would be appreciated, especially in the context of the other priorities suggested in the current draft.

We also note that this draft is far too long (about 3 pages over the 10-page limit). We recognize that there is much repetition, especially in the "Vision" section. The committee would appreciate any comments on structure and the specific arguments being made, as well as issues of fact or lack of clarity. We are currently working on reducing the length and tightening up the arguments, so very detailed wording suggestions are probably not as useful at this stage.

We would appreciate any comments by Friday, 23 November. Please send them to the whole committee.

We intend to release a second draft of the submission by late November.

Release of Version 0.4 of Draft Submission

The Steering Committee is making available to the community a first draft of the Reallocation Submission. It can be downloaded as postscript , pdf , and as latex source .

We request that you review this document and send us comments no later than Saturday, October 27. The Steering Committee will be meeting on October 28-29 to develop the second draft of the submission.

As is the case in these issues, this first draft is still very rough and too long. We recognize that it may require significant reorganization and polish. At this stage, the most useful feedback would be on the general direction, the specific proposals and what issues we should address (and which ones we should not). Please send your comments to the whole committee.

Miscellaneous Information

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