In the summer of 2000 I visited Osaka  (大阪). I had visited Japan once before in  1992. To be honest, on my first visit I had little interest in Japan. I did the usual tourist circuit of Temples in Kyoto, the Peace Museum in Hiroshima, and what have you. I was quite glad to leave after a couple of weeks. Being in such a strange country disoriented me, and I found my total inability to understand the spoken or written language enormously frustrating. During my visit in 2000 I became utterly fascinated by Japan. I loved to walk around the streets at night, and to ride on the subway. I could spend all day and evening just wandering around looking at the people, the buildings, everything.

My reason for going to Osaka was to attend the International Conference in High Energy Physics

Tsukuba san

Japan Railways Museum at ....Summer 2010


Toronto Japanese Language School

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