High Energy Physics Graduate Students at Toronto

This is a list of the students currently (as of the fall of 2012) doing graduate work in experimental particle physics at the University of Toronto.

Students Currently doing Graduate work in experimental HEP
Student Supervisor Experiment Thesis Topic
Hass Abouzeid Kreiger ATLAS High mass H to WW searches
Santiago Batista Orr ATLAS Associate production of Higgs Bosons
Chav Chhiv Chau Trischuk ATLAS Associated production of Higgs Bosons
David DeMarco Orr ATLAS
Patrick DePerio Martin T2K Neutrino cross-sections and mixing properties
Trisha Farooque Sinervo ATLAS Searches for new physics with highly boosted Top quarks
Nikolina Ilic Teuscher ATLAS Higgs studes in WW final states
Aaron Liblong
Garrin McGoldrick Trischuk ATLAS Top polarisation studies at the LHC
Reyhaneh Rezvani Orr ATLAS Searches for new physics
Stephen Schramm Savard ATLAS Searches for Dark Matter at the LHC
Joseph Taenzer Savard ATLAS Higgs studies in WW final state
Peter Thompson Kreiger ATLAS ATLAS calorimter testbeam studies