Graduates of Experimental HEP

High Energy Physics Graduates from Toronto

This is a list of the students who have graduated with degrees in experimental particle physics at the University of Toronto.

Experimental HEP Graduates
Student Supervisor Experiment Current Position
Jean-Francois Arguin (PhD 2005) Sinervo CDF Faculty at Universite de Montreal
Travis Bain (PhD 2012) Teuscher ATLAS Physics Instructor, Columbia University
F. Benard Bailey ZEUS Engineering Manager with Motorola Montreal
D. Blodgett Luste FNAL tagged photons Mining company researcher
M. Brkic Martin ZEUS Systems Consultant, SPYN inc.
B. Burow Martin ZEUS Research scientist at IBM (Stuttgart)
C. Charlesworth Prentice ARGUS
Sing Cheung (PhD 2011) Savard ATLAS Computer Analyst
F. Chlebana Martin ZEUS Staff Scientist at Fermilab
M. Crombie Orr ZEUS Technical director, Rayrock Resources Inc.
Robert Cropp (PhD 2000) Trischuk CDF Research Scientist at VSMMedTech (Burnaby, BC)
Pier-Olivier DeViveiros (PhD 2010) Savard ATLAS Research Scientist at NIKHEF
Saminder Dhaliwal (PhD 2012) Orr ATLAS
Peter Fagerstrom (PhD 1999) Bailey ZEUS Legato Systems Software (Burlington, Ontario)
Behi Fatholahzadeh (PhD 2012) Orr ATLAS
R. Galea (PhD 2001) Martin ZEUS Staff scientist in Ionizing Radiation Standards group at NRC, Ottawa
C. Gay (PhD 1991) Luste FNAL tagged photons Faculty University of British Columbia
D. Gingrich (PhD 1988) Orr ARGUS University of Alberta faculty
Bin Guo (PhD 2011) Sinervo ATLAS Senior Analyst, RBC
Dan Humphrey (MSc 1999) Trischuk CDF CIBC (Toronto)
Bjoern Hinrichsen (PhD 1999) Trischuk CDF CIBC Credit Risk Analysis (Toronto)
R. Jedicke Luste FNAL tagged photons
K.K. Joo (PhD 1998) Orr ZEUS Faculty, Chonnam University (Korea)
H. Kim (PhD 1999) Sinervo CDF Faculty at Chonbuk National University , Korea
T. Koop (PhD 2003) Martin ZEUS Financial industry (Montreal)
P. Krieger (PhD 1994) Prentice ARGUS Faculty, University of Toronto
R. Kutschke Orr ARGUS Staff scientist at Fermilab
Stan Lai (PhD 2006) Sinervo CDF Junior Faculty at University of Freiburg
Kalen Martens (PhD 2007) Orr ATLAS
J. McKenna (PhD 1987) Prentice ARGUS University of British Columbia faculty
C. McTavish (MSc 2000) Orr ATLAS Resarcher at Kavli Institute, Cambridge
S. Menary (PhD 1990) Luste FNAL tagged photons York University faculty
J. Parsons (PhD 1990) Prentice ARGUS Columbia University faculty
Shabnaz Pashapour (PhD 2008) Sinervo CDF Research Associate Universitat- Goettingen (Germany)
Andrew Robinson (PhD 2000) Sinervo CDF Computer consulting (London, England)
Gabriel Rosenbaum (PhD 2009) Krieger ATLAS CEGEP Instructor, Marianpolis College, Montreal
Ali Sabetfakhri (PhD 2000) Bailey/Martin ZEUS
Simon Sabik (PhD 2006) Savard CDF CEGEP Professor, Marianpolis College, Montreal
C. Sampson (PhD 1997) Bailey ZEUS Systems consultant, SPYN Inc.
G. Sganos (PhD 1996) Sinervo CDF software consultant
D. Simmons (PhD 2000) Orr ZEUS
Teresa Spreitzer (PhD 2006) Savard CDF Research Associate at Toronto
Bernd Stelzer (PhD 2005) Savard/Trischuk Search for Single Top with CDF Faculty member at Simon Fraser
Oliver Stelzer-Chilton (PhD 2005) Trischuk CDF Staff scientist at TRIUMF
A. Stundzia Luste FNAL Tagged Photons CEO Advanced Biologic Corporation
Trevor Stewart Martin ZEUS
J. Swain (PhD 1990) Orr ARGUS Northeastern University faculty
Dominique Tardif (PhD 2011) Trischuk ATLAS Risk Assessment Manager, RBC
Wendy Taylor (PhD 1999) Sinervo CDF Canada Research Chair at York University
R. Teuscher (PhD 1998) Orr ZEUS IPP Research Scientist -- University of Toronto
R. Van de Water Yoon ARGUS Staff Scientist -- Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ian Vollrath (PhD 2006) Trischuk CDF Quantitative Analyst at FINCAD , Vancouver
A. Warburton (PhD 1998) Sinervo CDF Faculty at McGill University