The FCAL2 Module-0 is one quarter of a full FCAL2 module. It is constructed with two copper endplates spanned by copper tubes. Scintered tungsten slugs are located between the Cu tubes to complete the module's matrix. Pure tungsten rods are centred down the tubes to form a liquid argon ionization gap of 0.375 mm. The module is approximately 450 mm deep and it's outer edge is part of a 451 mm radius circle.

The module was constructed during the fall, winter and spring of 1997/98. Completed in May 1998, it was shipped to CERN for beam testing in June and July, in conjunction with FCAL1 Module-0.

Photographs taken during the construction and testing of the module:

Cleaning of the components and the equipment used.
Components used in Module-0.
Tooling used to assemble Module-0.
Assembly of the module:
Stage 1 - placing the endplates in position.
Stage 2 - stacking the Cu tube and W slug matrix.
Stage 3 - rod insertion to complete the module.
Preparations for shipping to CERN.
Unpacking and rotating the module.
Testing and installation of interconnect boards.
Installation in the cryostat for Run 1.
Miscellaneous photos associated with FCAL2 Module-0.