FCAL2 Module-0 Components

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The following are photos of some of the individual components which make up the FCAL2 module-0.

The FCAL2 module-0 is a 90 degree sector of a complete FCAL2 module. The holes in the endplate are laid out in a hexagonal pattern to accommodate Cu tubes. Each hole contains an internal groove into which the Cu tubes are "swaged" to produce the mechanical integrity of the module, as well as forming an electrical connection to the endplates.

At the inner radius of the sector there is a formed Cu piece which follows the pattern of Cu tubes and W slugs ("inner shell"). Similar, but larger, pieces are used for the outer radius.

Tungsten slugs fill the spaces between the tubes. These pieces are each nominally 10 mm in length and are composed of 97% W, 2.1% Ni, and 0.9% Fe. They are formed by sintering pressed powders of these materials.