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We are involved in hardware and software projects as well as Monte Carlo production for CDF II:

Monte Carlo Production: Simulation of standard datasets for CDF II
Adjustable Barrel Mounts: precise support mechanics for the silicon vertex detector (SVXII)
The Inchworm: a remotely controlled mountynamic positioning of the silicon inner tracker (SVXII + ISL)
Calorimeter simulation and reconstruction software (password required)
Silicon sensor testing (password required)

Computing Resources

The HEP Linux Cluster in Toronto
Batch System on the HEP Linux Cluster
Disk Space Allocation on the HEP Linux Cluster
Data Storage on DVD on the HEP Linux Cluster
Big Mac Cluster Website
Batch System on the Big Mac Cluster
CDF Data and Disk Space Allocation on the Big Mac Cluster
Monte Carlo Production


CDF-Canada Collaboration Meeting 2005
CDF-Canada Collaboration Meeting 2003
CDF-Toronto Physics Workshop 2002
Talks for the weekly CDF-Canada group meeting


List of Internal Paper Reviewers
CDF Draft Papers Posted for Comment (password required)
Internal CDF page (password required)
CDF Fast Navigator (password required)
CDF Operations Manager Home Page (shift schedules) (password required)