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Endplate/Absorber Processes

Tube Processes

Slug Processes

Rod Processes

PS Inner Absorber Cleaning

PS Endplate Acceptance

QC  Inner Absorber Acceptance

PS Endplate Cleaning

PS Endplate Setup and Alignment

PS Washer Installation

PS Retaining Pin Insertion

PS Ground Pin Insertion

QC Outer Absorber Acceptance

PS Outer Absorber Cleaning

PS Outer Absorbers Assembly

QC Tube Acceptance

PS Tube Deburring

QC Tube Deburring Inspection

PS Tube Cleaning

PS Tube Cleaning Rewash

QC Tube Cleaning

PS Tube Insertion

PS Tube Swaging


QC Slug Acceptance

PS Slug Cleaning


PS Rod Acceptance

PS Rod Drilling

QC Rod Hole

PS Rod Preparation

PS Rod Pin Insertion

PS PEEK Fiber Preparation

PS Rod Fibre Winding

PS Rod Insertion



ICB Processes


Tags & Labels 

Miscellaneous Processes

QC PCB Acceptance

PS PCB Assembly

PS Acceptance of Assembled PCBs

PS Cable Attachment

QC Acceptance of Cabled PCBs

PS PCB Cleaning

PS PCB/Cable Installation

QC Cable & PCB


Logsheet Tube Stacking

Logsheet Tube Deburring

Logsheet Tube Cleaning

Logsheet Slug Cleaning

Logsheet Short Slug Tracking

Logsheet Rod Insertion

Logsheet Ground Pin

Logsheet Retention Pin


QC Rod Process Tag

QC Tube Process Tag

Slug Package Label

Tube Package Label


Report ECN

Materials Inspection Report 

Materials Cleaning Report

PS Cleanroom Maintenance

PS HV Testing Electrodes

PS Misc Cleaning

PS RO System Maintenance

Transferring Module to Carrier

Packaging Module in Shipping Crate

PS Module Assembly

PS Module Stacking