PHY 252

Thermal Physics

Organizational Details:

The textbook is "Thermal Physics" by Schroeder

These are my notes on the lectures:

Introduction - ThermoDynamic Equilibrium and the Ideal Gas: Recording or Video

Equipartition of Energy: Video Audio Only

Compressibility of Radiation:

Specific Heats:

Specific Heats and Quantum Mechanics:

Latent Heat and Enthalpy:

Macrostates and Microstates:

Einstein Model of a Solid:

Temperature and Entropy:

Second Law of ThermoDynamics:

Entropy and The Big Bang:

Entropy of an Ideal Gas:

Statistical Definition of Pressure:

Measuring Changes in Entropy:

Chemical Equilibrium.pdf:

ThermoDynamic Identity and ThermoDynamic Stability:

Heat Engines:

Boltzman Statistics:

Use of the Partition Function:

Partition Fn of an Ideal Gas and the Maxwell Speed Distribution: